Epic 100

New trial route option for 2018

A 100 mile version of the traditional Epic

Challenge rating:


The Route

Same as the classic 95mile Epic route - except for an additional 8 mile loop that extends it to just over 100miles.

New trial option for 2018 to satisfy riders wanting to hit the 100 mile target.

All the same climbs and food stops as the 95miler, and just 440ft/130m more climbing.

How it works

After the Elan Valley/Rhayader you'll have the option to go left onto the Epic 100 or carry straight on for the regular Epic 95:


The two route options rejoin relatively soon - before the Newbridge food stop.

We'll have Route Split and Confirmation signs to make sure you get on the right one.

Comparing Routes

95miler = 8515ft climbing

100miler = 8956ft climbing

Difference: 441ft

All the climbs and food stops are the same as the 95miler - check them here

Downloads: gpx

PDF guide to getting the route onto your navigational device

Interactive map of the Epic 100 route - Ride with GPS

Enter the Epic 100

Same price as the Epic 95 - £25

Already entered the Epic 95? You can take the 100 option on the day.