Challenge Ratings

Hill Ratings - click here


This is a subjective score we've applied to the routes.

We've taken the average sportive rider and thought what sort of a challenge each route might be for them.

If you are a highly trained athlete these ratings may be OTT.

If you are a new cyclist or only ride in flat parts of the UK then you may find these ratings underestimate what you will face...


First event, recently taken up cycling?
New riders, reasonably fit and with some experience of events or long rides. Quest route
Suitable for the average sportive rider looking for a challenge Adventure route
First time on the Epic or new to the area but otherwise a well-trained cyclist with experience of long sportives. Legend route
Suitable for the experienced, well-trained cyclist used to spending all day in the hills. Previously completed 100mile events with at least 6,000ft of climbing. Epic route


Hill Rates

Our assessment of the climbing challenges explained:

Assessments take into account the length, the steepness and the amount of height gained - so a super-short/super-steep hill might score less than a longer, higher, less steep hill.

Pretty easy and many cyclists won't notice they are riding it.
Gentle rise over a long distance, or may be something steeper but very short.
A proper hill that will require a focussed effort and may be a pause at the top
Tough, either steep and short or long and high - you'll notice this one.
Super-steep (25%) or super-long (3miles+) or a combination of both - a challenge for most cyclists.