Legend 80

A great introduction to the Epic

Challenge rating:


route with short cut option

The Route

A feature of the Epic 95 route has been the short-cut Legend route - missing out the biggest climb of the day and cutting out about 12 miles of riding. Still a tough option and something riders often take if their day isn't going so well...

If you arrive after 12 at the Rhayader food stop you are advised to take the Legend 80. If you do divert from the 95 option on the day please tell us when you get back so we can adjust your entry.

Downloads: gpx- pdf

PDF guide to getting the route onto your navigational device

Interactive map of the Legend 80 route - Ride with GPS


Route stats

UnitMax GradeMax single climbLongest hillTotal Gain
Imperial1 in 4590ft1.7 miles6,500ft


The Climbs


Climb Ratings

1) B4355 - first hill comes after 13.5miles, takes you out of the valley to give you a first taste of the highlands:

2) David's Well - you'll hardly notice this long, gentle rise back up into the hills:

3) Abbey-cwm-Hir - first serious challenge, long and medium-steep - this is the start of the serious stuff:

4) Parkstile Ln - very steep initial ramp comes out of nowhere and can be mistaken for Glascwm:

5) Glascwm - you'll be climbing before you get to the base and then you'll see the 25% ramps going up to the horizon. Watch out for a hidden 25%er at the top:

6) B4594 - an anonymous climb out of Newchurch which will be hard if your legs have gone...

7) B4355 - long final climb before an equally long descent home to Knighton


Pictures from around the course on Flickr.com