Sunday 12th May

Before you buy

We want to encourage group riding and buddying up during the event - you'll get round much better with others. To do this we'll start up off with similar speed riders, and we'll give you individual rider numbers featuring your first name (and club if you have one) to help team up with others.

Both are optional - this is an experiement for 2019 to see if it helps riders enjoy the event more

How we do this:

1) We'll start you off in Speed Groups.

2) We'll give you individual Ride Numbers.

Speed Groups

Select a speed you plan to ride at:

Choose Fast, Medium or Touring

We'll set you off in groups of similar speed people

Choose Touring if you want to ride at own pace

Ride Numbers

Rear pocket ride numbers

Featuring your first name

And club (if you have one)

To help people buddy up during the event

Opt out facility


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