Food on the Sportive

How many food stops?

We aim to provide food stops every 25miles

So for the 100miler that's 3 stops at around 25, 50 and 75miles

For a Medium route that's 2 stops - first at 25miles, then another one between 15 and 25 miles further on (depends on the actual route)

For the Short route there'll be one at around 20 to 25miles

What food do you provide?

Since Covid we have gone for wrapped food served in brown paper bags - one per participant.

At the first food stop you can expect cake and sweet flapjack

At the second food stop we'll offer similar plus some savoury snacks too - if this stop is exclusively for 100milers then there'll be a gel too

At the third/final food stop you'll get mainly savoury food, i.e. ham or cheese bap and a banana

Contents of typical Food Stop 1 pack:

Contents of a typical Food Stop 2 pack (100milers only):

Sometimes these food pack are swopped around - just depends on the food stop organisation

What else is available at the food stops

Many food stops are in village halls so there are loos

There'll be a small supply of inner tubes, First Aid, bike lubrication

A bike mechanic may also be around - depends on their schedule and what they've encountered on route...

Especially for the 100mile route we often have an outdoor food stop in a remote location - this enables us to take you to spectacular scenery and still feed you when there aren't any buildings around

What food is available at the end?

The Autumn Epic has a tradition of providing you free hot food at the end - just like an Italian sportive

Ride Clwyd is based at a social club attached to Airbus at Broughton - so it is possible to buy hot drinks, some light snacks and beer

The legendary Autumn Epic chilli and baked pot:

What food don't you provide?

Teas and coffees

Cooked food out on the course

Energy drinks

Do you cater got vegans or people with specific allergies?

Yes, when entering you'll have a question about food - tell us what you need and we'll try to provide it

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