Route Signs on the Sportive

Guide to our signs

It takes an average of 2.5 days to fully sign a Rideventures event

Standard Signs

Our standard yellow signs with black arrows

Attached to sign posts, telegraph poles or even free-standing on electric fence posts:

(We sometimes put up mini-notices to reassure the local community that the signs are coming down soon.)

Most junctions will have 2 signs, many will have 3. Occasionally one of the signs will have been tampered with (removed or turned):

Route Splits

Often the event will have 3 distances that all start out together. The shorter distances split off from the long route, so spotting the Route Split and going on your distance is important

Examples of Route Splits:

Signs after route splits

Generally the Long Route will continue using Yellow signs all the way around

BUT Medium and Short Routes often change sign colour to show that you are on a different route:

Caution Signs

Hazardous Descent - usually means there's a bit of gravel or a pothole or two, proceed with caution

We also put out signs warning other road users of the event

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